Laird is the strongest provider of value-based plastics products in North America.  Strongest in that we have a large network of facilities and the best relationships with manufacturers, so that we can provide plastics products when and where needed.  We have a business structure that allows for local leadership to respond to local needs without unrealistic corporate involvement or influence. We have amazing employee recruiting, training and motivational programs that encourage staff to always have the customer's best interests at heart. 

Our product is more than just quality plastic goods.....we package our goods with advice and recommendations that encourage customer growth and profitability, which is why our products are "value-based".

Here at Laird, we're committed to being the strongest provider of value-based plastics products.  Try us out, and you'll discover how we can make a difference in your business!

Our multi-national team of over 400 employees services over 25,000 customers across North America in all segments of commercial, industrial and advertising activity. We offer a comprehensive network of service centers and inventories with an extensive product range including such major segments as acrylics and polycarbonates, graphics materials (substrates and a variety of higher end materials) and mechanical/engineering materials (UHMW, LDPE, HDPE, nylons, acetals).

Our Team

Laird Plastics provides comprehensive supply chain coordination to the industry's leading manufacturers.

This includes product representation on performance and selection, transportation, storage and delivery. Increasingly, we are finding opportunities to service customers with needs across multiple locations who are looking to reduce the total costs of their supply chain. Through decentralized commercial activity, a genuine focus on safety, quality and productivity, and an extensive support and training network we seek to attract, motivate and retain the best wholesale distribution people to serve this exciting and growing global marketplace.

Laird's History

2009 Laird Plastics opens North American Recycling Center.
With a charter to reduce the volume of Plastics that find their way to North American landfills, Laird grows to 52 locations.

Modern Plastics joins Laird.
In March Laird purchases Modern Plastics. Modern adds four facilities to Laird's count, including Brideport, CT; Springfield, MA; Warwick, RI; and Peabody (Boston), MA.

Laird Plastics changes ownership.
A group of Chicago-based investors purchase the Laird Plastics Division from The Laird Group PLC.

Forming of "Laird Plastics."
Company named "Laird Plastics" and headquarter operations moved from Long Island City, NY to West Palm Beach, FL.

Acquisition of Almac Plastics
Laird entered the plastics distribution business with the acquisition of Almac Plastics, which had been formed in 1944 by Mac and Mayme Lewis.

About Taca

Taca was purchased by Laird in December 2008.

Taca was a BC based company, offering sign supplies and services throughout Canada.

Since 1984, Taca offered a wide range of products and supplies to the sign making industry, including hardware (cutters, printers, etc), software and signmaking supplies.

We were, and are,  commited to providing friendly, enthusiastic service, helping our clients grow their businesses. You won't find a lot of hype and insubstantial, confusing misdirection. We take pride in providing realistic, honest, and helpful support to our customers because we want your business for many years to come! Laird and Taca should be YOUR primary supplier for many reasons, including:

  • An excellent selection of supplies, including premium MDO signboards and the widest selection of stocked 15" thru 60" vinyl log rolls; 
  • Taca can custom slit vinyl rolls; this means we have what you need, when you need it; 
  • We can custom cut with extreme accuracy, hard substrates using our computerized saw;
  • We go to great effort to understand each client's needs, so that we can get you what YOU NEED to grow your business, not what someone ELSE thinks you should have. It may be a used piece of equipment, or the latest wide-format solvent printer, but above all else your current needs have to be filled. After all, it's your investment, both in time and money. 
  • Local management, actively working in the company. This leads to high levels of enthusiasm, knowledge and training. We can respond fast and effectively to needs and requirements as they come up.
We give you the BEST VALUE combination of price and service; we're here to serve you!

Our goal is to provide you with the products you need, when you need them.  We become valuable partners in business, with our clients, providing all the information they need to get the right information, and the right products, to maximize their growth potential.  In this rapidly moving, complex economy, having a supplier that acts in your best interest, is a competitive advantage.  No other supplier offers the same quality mix of informed, educated and motivated staff backed with such a large and comprehensive plastics distribution network.