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Blowout Sale on Banner!

EXTREME pricing on :

* 13oz Front Print Banner

* Mesh 9oz Banner with liner

* non-scrim Ultrasoft Banner (Solit 500): pullups, POP, etc

Call for pricing today! Limited stock.

HydroSol Printable Film!

Thin film solvent printable for pull-up banner stands, and pop-up booth displays! Grey back, no need to laminate, extremely scratch resistant once printed, no curl, incredible print quality. Call now for more information!

Did you Know?
.....our Impact Modified Acrylic Plaskolite SG roll stock is now on the floor?  Call us for your roll stock needs!

Wall Graphics Galore!!!!
Decosatin...digitally printable self-adhesive cloth...georgeous!
Overlams that give the appearance and feel of...leather, woodgrain, velour, brushed metal, carbon fiber.  AMAZE your customers!
Call for more details!



REFURBished Units

Go to Hot Specials section for current refurbs....time sensitive, get them while they're HOT

Roland BN-20

Affordable Desk-top Print/Cut:  $Call

SID Titan 320 Eco-Solvent Printers!

126" wide, under $30k, $0.06/sq foot ink cost          

NEW! SID Titan 320 Series

Titan 320 | Titan 320 L | Titan 320 GT



Available in 6 models

Eco Solvent or Solvent

Resolution up to 720 dpi

Print speeds up to 914 sq. ft. / hr.

5 liter ink supply system @ $60 / liter

Photoprint DX 10 RIP

1 Yr. Limited Warranty with printheads

Suggested Retail:

Titan320 L – Starting at $29,995
Titan 320 - Starting at $37,500
Titan 320 GT - Starting at $42,500


Proven durability and reliability – The TITAN wide format printers have a well-established presence in the outdoor printer market and are among the most affordably priced models in their class. With very low ink costs and consumption, operating costs are kept at a minimum with ROI at a maximum. These printers are built for lasting performance with quality materials and craftsmanship.

The TITAN Series printers use dependable Seiko micro piezo print head technology, ensuring brilliant prints with excellent ink adhesion, scratch resistance and outdoor durability.

The Automatic Individual Positive Pressure Cleaning System guarantees worry-free maintenance, allowing the purging of print heads as needed, one-at-a-time or simultaneously – saving valuable time and ink. The pre, platen and post heating system, combined with cooling fans, allow for better ink fixation and faster drying, another valuable time-saving benefit.

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Ink Limits (for individual ink colours)

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Ultraflex Banner Product Listing:  click here to download pdf 



Roland VS-640 cmykwmt printer/cutter; prints full colour, white and metallic!
$27,500 cdn
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    Print/Cut.  Roland SP300i and SP540i. 
$13,495 cdn
$17,995 cdn
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Print/Cut.  Roland XC-540.  $32,995 cdn.  Click here for more info. For special quote, click here

Print/Cut.  Roland LEC300 UV printer. 
$44,995 cdn 
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  Print only.  Mimaki JV33-130/160.  $17,995 usd
$19,995 usd
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Print/cut. Mimaki CJV30-130/160.
$22,995 cdn
$24,995 cdn
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  Cutter.  Graphtec CE-5000 24"/48". 
$1895 cdn
$3295 cdn
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  Cutter.  Graphtec FC8000 24"/30/40/48/54".
$3495 cdn (24")
$5895 cdn (54")
$6695 cdn (60") 
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Used Equipment...
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Daige Solo Cold  38"/55".  $1795 cdn
$2495 cdn
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Laminator. Royal Sovereign.  55"/65" $5995 cdn/$6645 cdn (cold option)
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Vehicle Wrap Vinyl:  JT5529BFD....Ultraconformable to the Max!  Now in 3 adhesive strengths, all the way up to MAX levels for instant grip....just like the Pros asked for!

Repositionable, conformable, air egress, wrinkle
removable....and affordable
10 yr Ultraconformable, air-egress, repositionable Vehicle Wrap Film YOU CAN AFFORD......Mactac JT5529BFD.  What makes it so revolutionary?  Sure everyone has air-egress and repositionable vinyl....but THIS product has Memory Control.  Stretch it out of shape while applying it?  Snap it up, heat it a bit, and WHAMO! it goes back to where it started, removing wrinkles and stretch marks.  Let's you do it again and again.  Just got it placed over a very complex curve?  Heat it up even higher, and it SETS the vinyl memory into the NEW shape;  it won't lift later, because you've just set the vinyl into the new shape!  

Download Video showing Repositionability: click here
Download Video showing Conformability:  click here
Download Video showing Wrinkle Removal: click here
See why this product is taking the industry by storm! Click here for tech sheet  Click here for info sheet

*Want to see how Mactac Digital Vehicle Wrap Warranty  compares to the competition?  Click'll be amazed!

Award winning RIP software.....control your colour output on your wide format printers, with efficiency and productivity.